SHIFT: Systeem A

 & Amel Omar


[ Scenography, 2020 ]

Relin Sips

During a two week residency at De Fabriek in Eindhoven, a group of 45 graduating Fine Arts students from AKV St. Joost realized the exhibition SHIFT in January 2020.


As a group we collectively decided to divide the two floors of De Fabriek in a studio space/depot (basement) and an exhibition space (upstairs).


In 1.5 weeks, Relin Sips and I created a dynamic and performative system in which the exhibits would constantly circulate between the exhibition space and the depot. This was performed by small groups with different roles played by the participating artists. The pieces were always placed and moved around the exhibition space depending on who was in charge.


Traditional ways of exhibiting, authorship, hierarchical systems and positions within the art world were put in question and made room for experiment, movement, performativity and playfulness. Artists, visitors and the exhibiting pieces were constantly put in different relationships and contexts.