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The work of fellow exhibitors and the exhibition space itself functioned as a context for me during the exhibition  All Facing The Same Direction. Together with two sculptures, I tried to approach this context by making compositions with the work, the space, the two sculptures and myself. Within these changeable compositions all components served as equals, whose usership and relationship between each other were able to revise.


I tried to reach an approximation that was similar to that of the two sculptures. An independent form as an object, placed within a whole. This approximation was only possible to reach within the composition. Before or after, I was the bearer of the two sculptures and the determiner of the composition.


This work is a follow-up step in a research in which I investigate the relationship between the body of me and the body of an object/place and it’s usership. In an earlier project I explored these subjects through video-performances in which the role of the camera turned out to be a fundamental element in creating the frame that determines how the viewer, views the work. With the live interventions during All Facing The Same Direction the question about the importance of the camera and the frame that it creates was the reason for this work.


Two Sculptures And Me As The Third Sculpture (2020)

Live Performance